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*New gentle & soothing formula*

This yoni gel wash has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties which can curb infections and eliminate vaginal odor. Balances your PH, gets rid of vaginal & body order, keep your fresh for hours! 

How to use: Apply to hands or wash cloth and MIX WITH WATER until you get a good lather. Once lathered, wash external part of vagina. (never directly insert soap inside vagina. The vagina is self cleaning) • PLEASE RINSE THOROUGHLY! LEAVING LEFTOVER SOAP IN YOUR VAGINA IS NOT SAFE!
After use it's best to moisturize with our kitty juice yoni oil for best results.

 **If pregnant, check with your physician before use

 Ingredients: Distilled water, Liquid germall plus, Glycerin, Propandediol 1 3, Aloe vera powder, Calendula hydrosol, Water soluble calendula extract, Coco betaine, Decyl glycoside, Foaming oats, Glucose D, Citric acid, tea tree oil, Clove bud oil, Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, Oregano oil, Herbs mixture 

Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved. Consult a physician before use or Use at your own risk 

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ORDERS! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at

Customer Reviews

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Tonya Wilson


Haven't used yet

Haven't used the island kitty yet but I am using the yoni scrub and ouu it has helped with keeping me from getting yeast infection especially being 6 months pregnant, so I can't wait to use the rest of the products! Never been girly just regular soap to wash and this has made me feel more confident.

Pussy paradise yoni wash

It is the best stuff I’ve used. Definitely will be buying from here again.

Karrah Ray

So i have had chronic BV for a while- i mean i could wake up and just cause it’s raining BOOM! I got it. I have tried many different products and could never find one that worked for me. I use this one- and BAM! Freshest i have ever felt and smelled! It has a cleansing feeling and after one use, I could already see a difference! Yeah, I don’t know about you but she better not ever put this one sale cause Im going to be buying this product for the rest of my life 🙌🏽‼️

Ekarie Stallworth-McGill
Best Product!

I Highly Recommend Made With All Natural Ingredients!