Fresh Kitty Mist

Fresh Kitty Mist

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Perfect hygiene additive to use after bathroom to use on your kitty throughout the day. One little Spray is all that’s needed to help keep you smelling fresh. 

Carry our Sweet Kittie Spray in your purse for daily use or in your gym bag and use after using the bathroom!!

A simple quick spray and wipe is all that’s needed for extra confidence throughout the day. 

Spray 1-2 pumps, or as desired, on the external parts of the vagina.

Disclaimer: Discontinue use if irritated. 

Ingredients: Organic aloe Vera Juice, Rose water, witch hazel, distilled water,Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil 

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ORDERS! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at

Customer Reviews

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Fresh Kitty Mist Feminine Spray

PHresh is the word! 🧖🏼‍♀️😻💗 I use this ona daily as part of the yoni self care routine, rather it’s after a hot steamy shower or using the potty, it keeps you moisturized down there while staying clean. I cannot stress it enough how I’m in love with organics and this is another product that sets it off me. Talk about game charger in the industry for the coochie—Summer’s Eve could never touch it! I love it and you will too—Add it to your cart and make the purchase.

L. Garland
pHresh Kitty Mist

This has a refreshing mist for anytime

Maria Cisneros Luquin

pHresh Kitty Mist